Tatton Park was busy, but Winchester was even busier, if that were possible!

The RoadShow’s visit to North Walls in Winchester, has always been a busy venue, and if we thought that Tatton Park would be difficult to beat, how wrong we were. Not just incredibly hot weather, again, in fact, pretty much the same as Winchester, the same time last year, but the crowds. There were thousands […]

And then it was sunny!

After a pretty damp visit to the Devon County Show, the National BBQ Week RoadShow moved on and up to Tatton Park in Cheshire. Well if you heard that it can also be pretty wet ‘up North’, think again, as this time it was wall-to-wall sunshine, which in turn drove huge crowds all desperate to […]

OK, so it was wet in Devon!

Our sister campaign, National BBQ Week, began its series of RoadShow visits at the Devon County Show in Exeter. A great show and we were expecting equally great weather, but boy, were we wrong! Rather than wall to wall sunshine, we got really torrential continual rain instead. So much so that on the first day, […]