Live life alfresco
this summer

We'll all be enjoying outdoor eating & entertaining
for at least another...


23rd Gastro Alfresco - June 17th- July 31st 2024

Celebrating the very best in
alfresco eating & entertaining...

After a warm’ish but fairly dismal spring with heavy rain and even flooding in some areas, it looks as if summer may be about to arrive, with lots of sunshine. When we hope you’ll be able to  enjoy two months of the very best of alfreaco eating entertaining and family & friends get-togethers.

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Alfresco eating & BBQ a perfect combination!

We’re also proud to announce that the 28th National BBQ Week is now part of the 23rd Gastro Alfresco event, dedicated to helping you to enjoy awesome alfresco eating, entertaining & get-togethers.

Today’s Gorgeous Gastro Alfresco recipe

We’ll be featuring one of our favourite alfresco & BBQ recipes every day, and today that's...

Brilliant Beef & Guacamole Foodie Fajitas

Brilliant Beef & Guacamole Foodie Fajitas

Brilliant Beef & Guacamole Foodie Fajitas Who said Fajitas were simple ‘street-food’, this is a ‘foodie-twist’ on a Mexican staple. The combination of piquant steak, spicy, fruity flavours balanced by a sharp creamy, cheesy taste remind me of Tequila fuelled night on the beach in the Baya. Serving Size4 What…

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Our Awesome Alfresco & Brilliant BBQ RoadShows

Find out where our Gastro Alfresco & National BBQ RoadShow will be distributing brilliant Alfresco & BBQ samples, tips, advice & recipes.

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Today’s Alfresco dining Hot-spot

The Mussel Shoal – Porthleven, Cornwall

The Mussel Shoal – Porthleven, Cornwall

No pretensions, just great fresh food, The Mussel Shoal café kiosk on the quay serves super French bistro-style food, including, obviously ‘Moules-frites’ and if you’re really lucky you can eat on a pontoon in the harbour with great harbour and sea views.

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How life alfresco has changed over the years!

Just look what a difference ’50’ years makes!

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Our Gastro Blog

Summer seems to be here, at last!

After rain, rain and more rain that pesky Jet Stream seems to have shifted and over the last couple of days or so, we actually seem to have had some sunny weather; we’ll most of us have, at least. And...

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Royal Bath & West was wild!

Our first RoadShow at the Royal Bath & West Show started off on a somewhat damp note with torrential rain on the Thursday, but that didn’t deter the crowds, though, ‘they be an ‘ardy lot down West’! Yes it pretty...

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