The weather has been better up in Harrogate!

After a woefully wet opening day at the Great Yorkshire Show, the weather has improved a bit! OK it’s not bright sunshine, but at least it’s bright’ish and the crowds are out and enjoying sampling the alfresco food & drink on offer. Aside from the excellent Birds Eye Chicken Dippers & Meat-free Burgers served up […]

Wow that was one wet RoadShow day!

Our first day at the Great Yorkshire Show started of with some absolutely torrential downpours, which pretty much lasted until mid-afternoon and although they’re a pretty tough lot ‘up North, even so most people were trying to dodge the rain rather than enjoying alfresco eating & entertaining! Still from about 15.00 the rain srated to […]

Summer Solstice = Awesome Alfresco!

It’s the Summer Solstice, the longest sunlite day and the weather seems pretty good, with at least several days sunshine, although we may get some more rain overnight Friday; Hey-ho that’s the British summer for you! Anyway, let’s make the most of the sunshine whilst it’s here and enjoy some awesome alfresco eating and entertaining […]

Summer seems to be here, at last!

After rain, rain and more rain that pesky Jet Stream seems to have shifted and over the last couple of days or so, we actually seem to have had some sunny weather; we’ll most of us have, at least. And the forecast is looking good, maybe not quite ‘heatwave’ territory yet, but looking good. So […]

Lambeth Country Show – our busiest-ever RoadShow!

Well if we thought Royal Bath & West was wild and busy, we were blown-away by the crowds at this year’s Lambeth Country Show. They reckon that around 125k attended over the two day period and we’re pretty sure that over half of those would have visited the Gastro Alfresco + National BBQ Week RoadShow. […]

Royal Bath & West was wild!

Our first RoadShow at the Royal Bath & West Show started off on a somewhat damp note with torrential rain on the Thursday, but that didn’t deter the crowds, though, ‘they be an ‘ardy lot down West’! Yes it pretty much rained on and off all Thursday, but then on Friday things began to improve […]

Rain, rain go away, come again another year!

It’s hardly fair is it, summer’s here, Gastro Alfresco is starting, although we’ve been running events in partnership with 28th National BBQ week for a couple of weeks now, and the weather is… truly awful! We blame it on the jet-stream, but whatever it’s not really alfresco eating or BBQ weather is it, but hey […]

Tatton Park was busy, but Winchester was even busier, if that were possible!

The RoadShow’s visit to North Walls in Winchester, has always been a busy venue, and if we thought that Tatton Park would be difficult to beat, how wrong we were. Not just incredibly hot weather, again, in fact, pretty much the same as Winchester, the same time last year, but the crowds. There were thousands […]

And then it was sunny!

After a pretty damp visit to the Devon County Show, the National BBQ Week RoadShow moved on and up to Tatton Park in Cheshire. Well if you heard that it can also be pretty wet ‘up North’, think again, as this time it was wall-to-wall sunshine, which in turn drove huge crowds all desperate to […]

OK, so it was wet in Devon!

Our sister campaign, National BBQ Week, began its series of RoadShow visits at the Devon County Show in Exeter. A great show and we were expecting equally great weather, but boy, were we wrong! Rather than wall to wall sunshine, we got really torrential continual rain instead. So much so that on the first day, […]