Royal Bath & West was wild!

Our first RoadShow at the Royal Bath & West Show started off on a somewhat damp note with torrential rain on the Thursday, but that didn’t deter the crowds, though, ‘they be an ‘ardy lot down West’! Yes it pretty much rained on and off all Thursday, but then on Friday things began to improve with just the odd downpour or two and then Saturday the sunshine finally arrived. Not fantatsically hot but after a couple of damp days, who cared!

Despite all that we certainly churned through the samples, delivering tens of thousands of delicious BBQ and alfresco food & drink from our sponsors. The only downside being that we were hit with the usual on-line fanatical BBQ trolls who didn’t think that by serving plant-based dippers and burgers we were really doing ‘proper BBQ’ as they put it. Of course none of these Barbi trolls were actually at the Royal Bath & West, so really just trying to make meat-fest mischief. Oh well we’ve been promoting Better BBQ & Gastro-grilling for nearly 30 years, so who cares about a handful Barbi meat-fest Trolls!