Marvellous Meat-free or Chicken-free BBQ’s!

Birds Eye Green Cuisine – Powered by Plants

With Green Cuisine, it’s never been easier to do your bit. Whether swapping your chicken dippers for chicken-less ones or your favourite burgers for Meat-Free burgers. Green Cuisine makes Meat-Free so easy. Welcome to the Plant Age.

Meat-free Burgers

For the ultimate plant-based burger, try the Birds Eye Green Cuisine Meat Free Burgers – guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling! These Meat Free burgers are super juicy and perfect for finishing off on the barbeque! Loaded with our signature pea protein*, our plant-based burgers contain a unique mix of herbs and spices to create a delicious, mouth-watering combo. These meatless burgers are great if you fancy a vegetarian or vegan option that doesn’t sacrifice flavour.

* Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass

Chicken-Free Chicken Dippers

A twist on your childhood favourite, Birds Eye Green Cuisine Chicken-Free Dippers will get your taste buds tingling. These alternative chicken dippers are sure to get the family talking. Our vegan chicken dippers are made of wheat protein and coated in a light batter before frying. Magical and Meat Free, these dippers are the perfect addition to a healthy, balanced meal. Try vegetarian chicken dippers now for a tasty meat alternative!

The Official BBQ &
Alfresco Plant-based food