America's No.1 Griddle brand

Blackstone – Cook anything, anywhere, anytime!

Launched in 2008 with our cornerstone 36” Griddle, Blackstone is now America’s #1 griddle manufacturer. We design durable and quality products for any skill level from beginners to seasoned chefs. Our focus is on our consumers, creating quality products that yield the best results so that there’s a Blackstone for everyone, enabling you to create unforgettable memories, cooking anything, anytime, anywhere!

Simply, cooking is just better on a Blackstone!

In fact, Blackstone griddles make cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner so convenient, easy, and entertaining. With a griddle, you can cook all the classic BBQ foods as well as others limited by grates. It’s what we call alfresco cooking without the compromise.

Official BBQ Griddle