The weather has been better up in Harrogate!

After a woefully wet opening day at the Great Yorkshire Show, the weather has improved a bit! OK it’s not bright sunshine, but at least it’s bright’ish and the crowds are out and enjoying sampling the alfresco food & drink on offer. Aside from the excellent Birds Eye Chicken Dippers & Meat-free Burgers served up […]

Wow that was one wet RoadShow day!

Our first day at the Great Yorkshire Show started of with some absolutely torrential downpours, which pretty much lasted until mid-afternoon and although they’re a pretty tough lot ‘up North, even so most people were trying to dodge the rain rather than enjoying alfresco eating & entertaining! Still from about 15.00 the rain srated to […]

Summer seems to be here, at last!

After rain, rain and more rain that pesky Jet Stream seems to have shifted and over the last couple of days or so, we actually seem to have had some sunny weather; we’ll most of us have, at least. And the forecast is looking good, maybe not quite ‘heatwave’ territory yet, but looking good. So […]

Lambeth Country Show – our busiest-ever RoadShow!

Well if we thought Royal Bath & West was wild and busy, we were blown-away by the crowds at this year’s Lambeth Country Show. They reckon that around 125k attended over the two day period and we’re pretty sure that over half of those would have visited the Gastro Alfresco + National BBQ Week RoadShow. […]

Royal Bath & West was wild!

Our first RoadShow at the Royal Bath & West Show started off on a somewhat damp note with torrential rain on the Thursday, but that didn’t deter the crowds, though, ‘they be an ‘ardy lot down West’! Yes it pretty much rained on and off all Thursday, but then on Friday things began to improve […]

Rain, rain go away, come again another year!

It’s hardly fair is it, summer’s here, Gastro Alfresco is starting, although we’ve been running events in partnership with 28th National BBQ week for a couple of weeks now, and the weather is… truly awful! We blame it on the jet-stream, but whatever it’s not really alfresco eating or BBQ weather is it, but hey […]

Heavenly Honey n’Cream Grill-glazed Nectarines

Heavenly Honey n’Cream Grill-glazed Nectarines Finally, if you needed to be told that you can char-grill fruit and don’t want to put on a couple of ounces, don’t try this, simple, but extravagant, self-indulgent, high in fat and definitely not one of your 5-a-Day, but absolutely delicious! Serving Size4 What you need Nectarines halved & […]

Enchanting Chilli & Pineapple Spare-ribs

Forget the local Chinese; this Asian Delight is a real grill-star of the Orient and I got the idea for this dish at, believe it or not a pub on Lantau Island. Simple to both prepare and BBQ, these ribs taste great being, sweet, sour and spicy all at the same time!

Brilliant Beef & Guacamole Foodie Fajitas

Brilliant Beef & Guacamole Foodie Fajitas Who said Fajitas were simple ‘street-food’, this is a ‘foodie-twist’ on a Mexican staple. The combination of piquant steak, spicy, fruity flavours balanced by a sharp creamy, cheesy taste remind me of Tequila fuelled night on the beach in the Baya. Serving Size4 What you need 500g Rump steak […]

Charming Chicken, Prosciutto & Sage Skewers

Who said skewers were only for the local kebab shop, this delicious twist on an old theme is remarkably easy to do, combining piquant chicken and prosciutto with stale, Olive Oil and Balsamic soaked rustic bread. Served with a chilled Prosecco, perfection.